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As Durmaz Export and Import Iron Industry Trade Ltd Co., it has been one of the leading foreign companies of our country with its import and export activities in all iron and steel products, especially in box profile, sheet metal, coiled sheet, galvanized sheet, angle iron, galvanized wire and some other sectors since 1998, has taken its place among trading companies. In addition to its foreign trade activities in 2017, our company has decided to invest in the manufacturing industry under the name of Durmaz Steel Industry and Trade Inc.

In this direction, it has completed the machinery, factory construction and infrastructure works related to the production of galvanized wire, black wire, construction wire, panel fence, etc. It started production at full capacity. Our company has finally started to produce GAS Welding Wire for Non-Alloy Metals in its new facility under the name DUWELD in 2021.


To be an industrial organization that follows and applies technology closely, is open to innovations and development, and has an understanding of excellence with a sense of social responsibility that is powered by the experience of its employees who are sensitive to people and the environment.


As Duweld, it is to advance in the light of technology, to become the Gas Welding Wire Center of the region with the innovations brought by technology and more production capacity and to be among the leading wire production companies.